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Differences Between a Residential and Commercial Air Conditioning Contractor

How a Commercial Air Conditioning Contractor Is Different From a Residential One  

When your property has an air conditioning system, you should rely on the skills of a skilled air conditioning contractor. They have the right expertise and equipment to install and fix AC systems. Still, there are key differences between a residential and commercial air conditioning contractor. You can find some of them explained below.

  • System Complexity – The obvious difference between the two contractors is the air conditioning systems they service. Residential air conditioning systems are quite simple, ranging from inexpensive mobile units to basic split systems. Such systems can also be found in small commercial spaces. Larger commercial buildings use complex air conditioning systems with several condensers and compressors.
  • Work Time – Since residential air conditioning systems are usually small, they don’t take much time to fix or maintain. On the other hand, a commercial contractor will need a lot of time to work on every single system component. This is why commercial contractors usually work around the clock, compared to residential ones with fixed daily schedules.
  • Weather – You can expect a residential contractor to do most of their work indoors unless it is a split air conditioning system. Since most commercial air conditioning systems have outdoor components, commercial contractors will need to work, rain or shine.
  • Size – Most residential contractors are small in size, usually having one or two technicians. Commercial contractors can also vary in size but are usually larger than residential ones. Some commercial contractors also have subcontractor technicians.

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